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    Law Ruler Legal Intake Software is featured on the Reuters billboard in Times Square
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Law Ruler Legal Intake Software works with existing Practice and Case Management Software

Law Ruler legal case intake management software offers the features of many separate systems in one, and can do it all. Law Ruler offers staggering practice growth and lead management results and now offers both SMS Text and Email Marketing features that are very powerful for a law firm when used in compliance with state and federal laws,” said Daniel S. Jacobs, Chief Executive Officer of Law Ruler Software, LLC.

Law Ruler Software helps firms increase billing and is really easy to use. Our legal intake software bridges the gap between the advertising/marketing of a law firm and their legal case management software to increase productivity and revenue for the firm and its associates. The addition of advanced SMS Text Messaging features inside Law Ruler Software makes the communication gap a lot smaller between law firms and their existing and future clients and can increase response rates by eight times.