Why You Need The Best Law Office Intake CRM Software?
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Why You Need The Best Law Office Intake CRM Software?

Get ready to grow your law firm into a 21st century efficient tour de force.  Law Ruler legal case intake software is a turnkey solution that focuses on converting a law firm’s leads and referrals into signed clients. Automating the procedures saves man hours, money and yields more clients. Efficiency becomes the backbone of the automation process! With the majority of Americans utilizing either smart phone technology or laptops, the legal industry now communicates with prospective clients using today’s advanced technologies. Law Ruler makes that possible!

Law Ruler is a cloud-based full-featured legal CRM system that will help your firm connect your referrals and leads from incoming phone calls, websites, or social media. By automating data entry, you can easily increase your staff’s capabilities and allow your firm to instantly engage with new and existing clients. Law Ruler has integrated with many practice management solutions such as: Needles®, Clio, Aderant Client Profiles, and FileVine, to name a few.  With the combination of Law Ruler automation and various practice management software, you get the Ultimate law firm automation that will handle everything from marketing » prospective client » signed client » settlement.

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Document automation and E-Signature completely changes the dynamics of managing the process of securing clients.  With Law Ruler’s Text E-Sign, the ability for your potential client to “sign on the dotted line” electronically means increased business for your law firm. No longer do prospective clients need to download, print, sign and scan paperwork.  Digital signatures are the game changer!

You can quickly develop meaningful communication with your potential client in a secure and engaging manner by providing their legally binding documents quickly and efficiently.  A successful legal practice thrives when time-sensitive information such as retainers and authorizations are handled with speed and competence.  Law Ruler’s Text E-Sign streamlines the work flow in your office with faster completed agreements and transactions. No need to schedule an appointment and clients will love how easy it for them.  No scanning or faxing!

E-signatures permit your law firm to create retainers with client data filled out, in seconds.  Your office staff will sign more clients in an efficient manner.  The ability to couple e-signature technology with Law Ruler’s automated SMS Text Messaging Market Automation and you’ll significantly save time and money in following up with on-going client interactions.  Include texting in your arsenal of communication and be rest assured that these new approaches to client interaction will create a simplified workflow for your office staff and increased profits for the firm.

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