Top 10 Considerations When Choosing Legal Case Management Software
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Top 10 Considerations When Choosing Legal Case Management Software

For legal teams that are ready to take their firm to the next level, legal case management software is often a priority. With so many software programs available on the market, it is important to find a system with innovative and intuitive features to fit your firm’s needs.
Before deciding on any particular brand of software, make some important comparisons using these top 10 considerations when choosing your legal case management software:

  1. Will it turn leads into clients and help grow the firm?
  2. Will it manage your client relationships and empower your staff?
  3. Is case information easily accessible through a centralized database?
  4. Does your firm need a cloud-based or on-premises suite?
  5. Does the system offer ready-to-use templates that seamlessly integrate with your website?
  6. Are there marketing analytics for quick assessment of your marketing efforts and ROI?
  7. Is there customized and automated management of deadlines and reminders?
  8. Will it track, log, and stores details about phone calls and case expenses?
  9. Does it import and organize the contacts online and offline with tagging and segmentation to maximize lead/intake contact management?
  10. Is there an easy-to-use self-training dashboard?

The days of handling legal case management manually are over. We currently live in a fast-paced digital age where automated efficiency is the rule, not the exception. On the downside, technology quite often removes that personal touch and comfort level many people still desire when seeking legal counsel.
Fortunately Law Ruler, a leader in providing legal case intake & conversion software and partnering with legal case management software vendors, has created a cutting-edge, easy-to-use, all-in-one solution that retains the personal nature of practicing law and builds lifelong clientele relationships. Law Ruler knows that people do business with firms they like, especially with firms who know their name when they call. For this reason, the Law Ruler development team made it their mission to create a premium legal case management software platform that not only increases a firm’s efficiency, but also personalizes the experience for its clients.

Law Ruler Cloud is the most commonly requested installation of Law Ruler legal case intake & conversion software, and runs over the Internet in ANY browser on Mac or PC, with nothing installed on your local computer and a low monthly subscription.
Law Ruler On-Premise software is also available and can be installed on your law firm’s local network, on your server(s) or on a cloud/hybrid host of your choice (requires a Microsoft Windows Server® environment). This software suite even lets you build your own applications from its database. If you need help deciding which system is best for your firm, do not hesitate to call 1-800-431-6779 to speak to a Law Ruler consultant.

Law Ruler is the best legal case intake & conversion software solution if your firm is looking for an easy-to-use workflow creator to reduce workload, track leads and increase your firm’s efficiency by automating repetitive activities. With hundreds of features to choose from, Law Ruler can even be customized for each practice area that you support, and will automate important dates such as SOL reminders or document production reminders. Law Ruler offers all you need to run a plaintiff law practice from lead to intake to client to invoice!
Make your clients feel like everyone knows their name and check out Law Ruler’s no risk FREE 14-day trial today. For more information, contact us at: 1-800-431-6779 or