How are Law Firms Losing New Clients with Current Approach?
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How are law firms losing new clients with their current web forms?

Dan Jacobs headshot 4 9 15 How are law firms losing new clients with their current web forms?
Author: Daniel S. Jacobs / CEO – Law Ruler Software, LLC
Date: July 29, 2015

Consumers are most likely to turn to the Internet to find and research a lawyer before hiring them, compared with other methods, according to a new survey by, the most popular legal information website.

Thirty-eight percent of people surveyed said they would use the Internet to help them find a lawyer. Twenty-nine percent said they would ask a friend or relative. Smaller percentages said they would contact the local bar association or use the Yellow Pages. (SOURCE: Survey – April 17. 2014)

The focus has shifted from clients finding lawyers through referrals to a more modern style of law where more than 38% of potential clients research and choose their lawyer online. This polar shift in how new clients choose a law firm makes software such as Law Ruler absolutely critical!

opportunity How are law firms losing new clients with their current web forms?

Carpe Diem. Seize the day and opportunity. Capture more new client signups before they go to a competitor.

Many legal practice management and case management software applications were created before this trend of finding lawyers online was a reality. The need for a newer breed of software called “legal case intake software” is quickly becoming a necessity to maximize this trend in favor of lawyers.

Most law firms have a web form, or series of web forms for different practice areas on their website, and these web forms create an email when someone fills out the “contact me” form.

The classic approach without software-driven automation leaves a lot of room for process breakage, as well as Potential New Client(PNC) leakage.

    There is a 3-5% human error in everything that human beings touch. This 3-5% factor is magnified through every step of the manual process that is currently in place at most law firms today.
case evaluation forms How are law firms losing new clients with their current web forms?

Law Ruler legal case intake software comes with ready-to-use web forms that work in minutes and can be embedded into a law firm’s existing website in minutes by copying and pasting our link with no cosmetic changes.

1. When a law firm’s “contact me” form is completed, then it creates a new PNC(potential new client) in Law Ruler, and that begins a series of customizable email/SMS Text, Dashboard tasks and reminders that prevents PNC leakage.

2. Law Ruler TM comes equipped with its “Traffic Light Reminder System” that integrates Msft Outlook TM, Google Gmail TM, and mobile device technology to make sure a law firm never misses a beat while trying to sign up new clients.

After a law firm office or call center speaks to a PNC and you decide that the law firm wants to retain them as a client, then you have NO TIME TO LOOSE.
When a PNC searches for legal services online, they also see competing firms, and they may also be entertaining offers from competing firms.

It is critical to sign up a PNC immediately, and that is where Law Ruler’s DocuSign integration and “Traffic Light Reminder System” trumps the competition.

Law Ruler can fill in the DocuSign retainer with a firm’s information, your client’s information, fee splits, and any other desired information to save time, and all a firm needs to do is press the “Send Contract” button inside Law Ruler legal case intake software. A PNC can recieve the DocuSign e-contract within minutes of calling a law firm or when a law firm decides they are a good fit.

docusign1 How are law firms losing new clients with their current web forms?

“Existing legal case management software, and legal practice management programs don’t offer this legal CRM, marketing automation software or intake-centric functionality, and it is why we were created by a large national trial law firm, since the current market does not provide this solution. Law Ruler legal case intake software is not competing with companies such as Aderant TM, Needles TM, MyCase TM, and others. Law Ruler legal case intake software enhances a law firm’s existing practice software to offer a law firm integrations with DocuSign, phone systems, and other more modern applications that were not needed 10 years ago when many of these programs were created, and can export new clients into a format that can be easily imported into a law firm’s existing legal case management software,” said Daniel S. Jacobs, Managing Partner/Founder of Law Ruler Software.

hd integration partners How are law firms losing new clients with their current web forms?

DocuSign TM integration solution for Law Ruler Legal Intake Software

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